Shipping & Returns

Refund policy

Our stamped ebook, like any software once opened, cannot be returned. Being written in PDF [portable document format], Cream Soap Naturally arrives open. Thus once your order has been sent to you, via email, no refunds can be given. No refunds will be offered for ebook orders which have been emailed to you.

How many pages does the ebook contain?

The Cream Soap Naturally PDF e-Book contains 38 pages of solid text in double-column, standard printer paper size/format (Letter/A4). The e-Book has been formatted with the knowledge that it will be printed by the buyer. As such unnecessary miscellaneous space-fillers and other embellishments, such as photos, have not been included. There is only one photograph in the book which is contained on the "front-cover".

Being formatted to printer paper size, and double-columned, over 90% of the page is covered in text. Keeping in mind that most soap book pages are significantly smaller than standard printer paper, most soap books barely cover 50% of the page in text.

Because of the double column format and the lack of unnecessary filler images the number of pages has been significantly reduced by over 131 pages, or 445%, to help save on paper and printer toner - making the Cream Soap Naturally PDF e-Book an Earth conscious product.

Buying our stamped ebook

Select the product you are interested in and click the "Add to Cart" button to begin checking out.

You will be prompted to create an account with our store if you have not already done so. During the checkout process, you will be redirected from our store to PayPal's site to make payment. After payment is completed on PayPal's site, you will be redirected back to our store if payment is processed successfully.

At this point in time, you should check your email inbox for an order confirmation email and inform us immediately if you do not receive it. Do check your SPAM settings and Junk/Trash folder before contacting us though.

Note: Currently, we accept payment only via PayPal. For those who have never used PayPal, rest assured you can still use your credit card to make your purchase securely on their site. Sorry, we do not accept personal checks or echeck for payment. Only money orders or cashiers checks can be accepted.

Getting your ebook

The ebook will be emailed to your email address in the form of a zip file. Please make sure you have at least 5 MB of free space in your email inbox or the email will bounce.

What's with the stamped ebook?

Our ebook is stamped to discourage piracy. It is actually a normal PDF with the buyer's name and email address super-imposed on every page.

Normal PDF functions like printing, searching, zooming, etc. are allowed and no passwords are required to unlock the ebook.

Why can't I just download the ebook instead of waiting for you to email it to me?

Because each ebook is stamped with a customer's name and email address, our ebook is considered a "unique" product instead of a "generic" product.

Think of a "unique" product such as a birthday cake which needs to have special decorations tailored to the customer's wishes; while a "generic" product is a cupcake bought off the shelf, as they all look and taste the same.

For this reason, we do not provide a digital download which works better with "generic" products, such as an mp3 song. Instead we process orders in batches stamping them and sending the ebook out to customers via email.

Why do I need to wait 36 hours to get the ebook?

For efficiency reasons our orders are batched and processed at different time intervals. Most orders are processed within 24 hours depending on the time the batch process takes effect.

Orders which take up to 36 hours usually have incomplete or incorrect details which require more effort on our part to troubleshoot or send to you. If you still do not receive your order after 36 hours, please log into you account to check your order status as we may require more details from you to process your order correctly.

Why have you sent me a file in the XXX format?

Our PDF ebook is compressed into a standard ".zip" file for easy and reliable delivery. If you find that your zip file is in another format, please do check that your anti-virus software has not renamed the zip file.

For example, customers running "CA Internet Security" may find their ".exe" or ".zip" files renamed to ".efw" automatically.

Why does clicking anywhere in the ebook bring up my email client (e.g. Outlook Express)?

This behavior is caused by a configuration setting in your PDF reader and not the document itself.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat 8.1 as your PDF reader, you can go to Edit > Preferences. > Select 'General' from the 'Categories' left-panel. Uncheck 'Create links from URL' in the Basic Tools section. Click Ok when done and restart your PDF reader to make the settings take effect. You shouldn't experience the same problem again unless your software was updated to a newer version. Just dimply follow the steps again to fix.

If you are using Adobe Acrobat 7.0, you should uncheck 'Automatically detect URLs from text' instead.

Do adapt the above instructions to suit your particular PDF reader's requirements if it is not from Adobe.